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Insectos Issues

Reported by: RafaelOrtiz Owned by: garycmartin
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From the NZ testing team:

Downloaded and ran very fast on XO-1.5 but taking ages on XO-1.0 to download
and start
the icon on the activities webpage is different to the icon in the journal -
the reason we were worried about it is the icon on the activities webpage is
a spider which Fabiana points out is an arachnid
the audio quality of the text to speech is bad - it is hard to understand
the computer voice even for our spanish speaker - easier with earphones
the button at the bottom right falls off the edge of the screen (salir?)
seems you can feed and water the bugs but found it hard to see what we were
supposed to do
there is information about the life cycle, habitat and reproduction
when salir (exit) it gives the fail to start message on both XO-1.0 and
gross videos of the insects being born ueeww - perhaps kids will like that
there is a singing bugs page where you can click on the bugs and hear what
the bugs sound like (the bug sounds are recordings) but that page has no
exit button so you have to press escape
there is also no exit button on the credits page
can see the window frame (a bit unSugar like)
Overall this activity is pretty cool

  • spoke with kevix on irc - he wondered if you could take the insect

photos+sounds and use them in TamTam - we wonder if you could use them in
everything - Memorize, Write, Paint, Turtleart...

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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by walter

There is also a problem with scaling on non-XO hardware. On small displays, the menus are not completely visible.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by RafaelOrtiz

the developer says this activity was tested under the xo-1 special conditions in uruguay, but the code is there free to improve things.

Here is developer answer:

Entré al link donde se encuentra el análisis de la actividad y más o menos entendí lo que dice porque no se inglés y lo que no logro entenderlo lo traduzco con google y bueno, queda más o menos.

Te cuento que está actividad la desarrollé solo por lo cual soy el único desarrollador de la misma actualmente, para hacer las correcciones que piden, necesitaría que alguien me hiciera el favor de enumerarlas lo más claro posible en español.

Aun en este caso, los errores de funcionamiento en xo fuera de uruguay es difícil de corregir porque la actividad está hecha y probada en nuestras xo las cuales tienen muchas peculiaridades debido a los sistemas de seguridad que les impuso el latu.

La actividad está hecha y probada en una xo 1.0 común de primaria con la imagen de SO del latu, no tengo xo 1.5 ni la posibilidad de probar el programa en otras versiones de sugar. El programa además está adaptado a la resolución de pantalla 1200 x 900 pero se puede modificar fácilmente para otras resoluciones así que funciona en cualquier Linux sin problemas.

El tema del motor de voz es sencillo: No logré configurarlo mejor, pero es cuestión de estudiarlo pues se hace sin problemas en tiempo de ejecución.

El tema de los botones que puedan salirse de pantalla en otras versiones de sugar se debe al tipo de letra utilizado, tambien es de fácil solución.

Según entendí preguntaban si podía reutilizar el material en otros proyectos, pues todo es libre así que sientanse en libertad de hacer las modificaciones que deseen y tomar lo que les sirva de la actividad. Si alguien quiere hacer mejoras en el código es bienvenido.

Quedo a la espera de más información para realizar los cambios que solicitan aunque necesitaría alguien que haga las pruebas porque no tengo dónde hacerlas.

Me olvidaba del asunto del icono de la actividad.

El ícono es una cucaracha, es el mismo de cucarasims porque no soy bueno en esa área, así que si alguien quiere hacer los íconos de la actividad es bienvenido, igual para cualquier otra actividad que haga, me vendría bárbaro un diseñador que me resuelva este tema.

Google translate:
I went to the link where the analysis of activity and more or less understand what he says because no English and I do not understand what I translate with google and well, is more or less.

I tell you that is developed only for the activity which I am the sole developer of the same today, to make the corrections they want, need someone to do me the favor of listing them as clear as possible in Spanish.

Even in this case, errors xo operating out of Uruguay is difficult to correct because the activity is made and tested in our xo which have many peculiarities due to security systems latu imposed on them.

The activity is made and tested in a 1.0 x common primary OS image latu, I have no XO 1.5 or the possibility of testing the program on other versions of sugar. The program is also adapted to the screen resolution 1200 x 900 but can be easily modified for other resolutions so it works on any Linux without problems.

The theme of the speech engine is simple: I could not set it up better, but a matter of studying it is without problems at runtime.

The theme of the buttons that can screen out other versions of sugar is due to the font used, it is also easy to fix.

As I understood wondered if the material could be reused in other projects, because everything is free so feel free to make the changes they want and take what they serve in the activity. If someone wants to make improvements to the code is welcome.

I await more information to make the changes you request but need someone to do the tests because I have nowhere to do it.

I forgot about the activity icon.

The icon is a cockroach, is the same cucarasims because I'm not good in that area, so if someone wants to make icons of the activity is welcome, as for any other activity that gets me barbarian a designer would I resolve this issue.

The nest step that i proposed to the developer is uploading the code to gitorious
in order to get visibility and help for proposed changes/imporvements.

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