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cannot connect to the owning users CORBA ORB (for gconf)

Reported by: sascha_silbe Owned by: silbe
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Component: Rainbow Version: Git as of bugdate
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Sugar activities need access to GConf, e.g. for the default font size (/desktop/sugar/font/default_size) that's queried right on startup.

GConf still uses an ORB (CORBA). Connections happen through a unix socket in /tmp/orbit-<username>/linc-<some random string>}. A client needs {{{rw permissions, but by default only the user itself has these. umask 002 in ~/.xsession had no effect. Because a new socket is created for each session and gconfd is auto-activated by dbus, we cannot change the permissions in ~/.xsession.

GConf is going to get replaced by dconf, but it doesn't seem like that's significantly less trouble for us:

Typically, reading a key from dconf involves zero system calls and zero context switches. This is achieved with a simple file format that doubles both as the storage format for data in dconf and as an IPC mechanism between the clients and the server.

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I pushed a patch to rainbow-sugarize into branch pu on Michael, can you review it, please?

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