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09/04/2010 16:33:28 (14 years ago)

Replying to walter:

I notice that you made your own icon. Perhaps you could attach that icon to the ticket, as I think it may be the source of the problem/confusion.

I believe you are missing the reason why I wrote #2282. For me, the SHAPE of the icons is a "strawman" -- right now the user is presented with five icons, without a CLUE (especially if not connected to the wiki on the internet) as to how he is supposed to work with those icons. I am suggesting that some graphical 'guides' be added to this particular screen, to introduce the user to a quicker understanding of the the function of those five icons.

Per your request, I am attaching the icon I use. I have been using that same icon for over two years, and it has never given me any trouble. [I did not make that icon myself - I got it from one of the commercial "parts suppliers" for the OLPC.]


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    initial v2  
    1 XO-1 os1 (F14) sugar-0.89.7
    2 For someone who has not previously used the color-selector (in 'My Settings' -> 'About Me'), currently there is NO guidance provided.
    4 There appears to be enough vertical space to be able to move the "name" entry field down a bit.  Then a small image (outline gray, center black) could be placed centered under the two lefttmost colored icons, and a small image (outline black, center gray) could be placed centered under the two rightmost colored icons.  This would give the user a clue as to WHAT would be affected by clicking on those non-central icons.
    6 Also, I personally would prefer to have a larger visual gap (spacing) to separate the central colored icon from the others.