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UTF-8 support required — at Initial Version

Reported by: cgaray Owned by: tomeu
Priority: High Milestone:
Component: Sugar Version: 0.84.x
Severity: Critical Keywords: sugar-love dextrose
Cc: smparrish, bernie, RafaelOrtiz, sascha_silbe, fran Distribution/OS:
Bug Status: Assigned


In Spanish the accents causes malfunctions. For instance: XO would show access point SSID as blank as a result from the SSID containing an accent like "Asunción". Browse wont download files from the XS with filenames containing accents like "germinación".

Tested with:

0.82 ensamble/build 801
0.84 ensamble/build 170py
0.84 ensamble/build 179py

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