Ticket #3327: sugar-client.conf

File sugar-client.conf, 1.5 KB (added by m_anish, 12 years ago)

sugar-client.conf on the client XO

2# url to connect to school server's RESTfull API
3api-url = http://schoolserver:8000
4# process auto-registeration on a school server on startup
5auto-register = 0
6# process auto-restore if there is pending one on the server
7auto-restore = False
8# if more than 0, do regular backups with specified delay in seconds
9backup-timeout = 0
10# rsync url to backup/restore Journal
11backup-url =
12# debug logging level; multiple argument
13debug = 0
14# jabber server for Sugar collaboraiton
15jabber-url =
16# specify machine's serial number instead of detecting it
17machine-sn =
18# specify machine's UUID instead of detecting it
19machine-uuid =
20# specify user's nickname instead of detecting it
21nickname =
22# school server's FQDN, will be auto-set after registration
23schoolserver =
24# CA certificates file to get access to --stats-url via HTTPS
25stats-ca-certs =
26# if more than 0 and --stats-url specified, ping stats server with specified
27# delay in seconds to coordinate stats gathering work
28stats-timeout = 60
29# stats server's http(s) url to interact with; if omited,any stats related
30# functionality is disabled
31stats-url =
32# current user's unique identity; needs to be set only from profile
33# configuration file; will be auto-created on initial registration
34uid =
35# optional command-line arguments to pass to packager while updating the system
36update-args = --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=dextrose --enablerepo=dextrose-next
37# if more than 0, do regular unattended updates with specified delay in seconds
38update-timeout = 3600