Ticket #2247: gsm.patch

File gsm.patch, 517 bytes (added by dipankar, 12 years ago)

The patch is to set the loggign level from error to warning

  • src/jarabe/model/network.py

    diff --git a/src/jarabe/model/network.py b/src/jarabe/model/network.py
    index 3a949da..e949e85 100644
    a b def load_gsm_connection(): 
    693693        except Exception:
    694694            logging.exception('Error adding gsm connection to NMSettings.')
    695695    else:
    696         logging.exception("No gsm connection was set in GConf.")
     696        logging.warning("No gsm connection was set in GConf.")
    698698def load_connections():
    699699    load_wifi_connections()