16:03 Ticket #2498 (Images that are also links in Browse should have both image and link ...) created by greenfeld
If an image in an HTML page is also a link, we should have the link …
07:17 Ticket #2497 (XO-1 - Can produce 'Keep' error when IRC-8 Activity is stopped) created by mikus
XO-1 os353 (F11) sugar-0.84.25-1 Closed IRC channel, then clicked on …
05:23 Ticket #2496 (We are fron Tuquito. What whe have to do to become a supported distro) closed by sascha_silbe
notabug: sugar-jhbuild is only intended for people making changes to …
04:42 Ticket #2496 (We are fron Tuquito. What whe have to do to become a supported distro) created by Alvar
Hi, We arwe fron Argentina and we doa distribution call …
04:37 Ticket #2495 (Add project "calendario" to pootle) created by yaderv
User pootle is already commiter for this project in …
04:35 Ticket #2494 (Pootle Admin right for Arabic) created by atphalix
I'm working on Arabic localization and sometimes it is more convenient to …


22:19 Ticket #2493 (irc-7 can't talk on resume journal object, "There's no one here to speak ...) created by quozl
Sequence leading up to symptom: downloaded IRC-7, started, saw that the …
19:32 Ticket #2492 (browse segfaults on maps.google.com javascript execution) created by quozl
Start Browse, click on URL text entry, type maps.google.com, press enter. …
01:21 Ticket #581 (IRC Journal support) closed by fran
fixed: Development on this ticket seems to have stalled, so I took a whack at it …


14:49 Ticket #2491 (updater doesn't update on Fedora 14) created by walter
The CP updater searches for and properly identifies bundles to update, but …
04:24 Ticket #2425 (Implement dotted activity versions to sugar 0.92) closed by erikos
fixed: Has been reviewed on the mailing list, pushed to master as: Toolkit: …


23:29 Ticket #2490 (TA missing load myblock menu in Gnome) created by tonyforster
Unless I am being stupid, there doesnt seem to be any way of loading …


10:27 Ticket #891 (AutoLogon check box in IRC Activity does not work in HD install of F11 or ...) closed by fran
fixed: I've removed the autojoin checkboxes altogether for now, since they …
10:10 Ticket #2440 (CTCPs not handled properly by IRC activity) closed by fran
fixed: Patch applied to mainline.
10:09 Ticket #582 (Share toolbar should be removed from IRC) closed by fran
fixed: Patch applied to mainline.
10:08 Ticket #2133 (execute bits found in irc activity files) closed by fran
fixed: Patch applied to mainline. Thanks!


18:47 Ticket #2489 (Turtleart freezes after 50 minutes) created by tonyforster
XO1 373pyg also XO1.5 build 852 Turtleart freezes after 50 minutes, Sugar …
11:32 Ticket #155 (TurtleArtwithSensors has different requirements for non-XO hardware) closed by walter
11:24 Ticket #552 (Turtle art, reinstate sensor input) closed by walter
fixed: I released v103. It may still need some fine-tuning, but it is seeming …


20:27 Ticket #2488 (Cannot connect to adhoc network with name less than 8 characters) created by carrott
meshbox.py and network.py attempt to recover an adhoc network's colours …
10:59 Ticket #2487 (Translations for the string 'Actions' needed in Pippy) created by m_anish
I've just committed some changes in Pippy …
06:42 Ticket #347 (Pippy does not function properly at non-XO screen resolutions) closed by m_anish
fixed: The latest pippy version (38) fixes this problem.
06:28 Ticket #2012 (Toolbar icons missing) closed by m_anish
fixed: This issue is resolved in Pippy-38, which features a new 'Actions' toolbar …
06:24 Ticket #937 (Pippy control buttons don't appear) closed by m_anish
fixed: Pippy 38 features a new layout where these buttons are placed in an …


14:15 Ticket #2486 (Read Activity page number save issues) created by jdsimmons
When I use the Read Activity it remembers the page I am on so it can go …
13:05 Ticket #2485 (String storing user's name should be trim()ed when first entered or ...) created by greenfeld
When a user enters their user name during the first boot of Sugar or …
07:08 Ticket #970 (./setup.py install does not install mimetype) closed by erikos
duplicate: Dup of #2262.
07:08 Ticket #2262 (bundlebuilder doesn't install mimetypes.xml) reopened by erikos
Actually closing the other one and here is what I commented in the other …
07:06 Ticket #2262 (bundlebuilder doesn't install mimetypes.xml) closed by erikos
duplicate: Duplicate of #970.


13:40 Ticket #2484 (screensaver and blanking stops telepathy-gabble in f1 Neighborhood- ...) created by satellit
soas screensaver and blanking stops telepathy-gabble in f1 Neighborhood- …


20:33 Ticket #2483 (Neighborhood view is sometimes greyed out or owner buddy is missing) created by satellit
Fedora-14-RC1-i686-SB-Live-SoaS.iso Booted as a CD loses the Central …


20:58 InterMapTxt edited by FGrose
10:27 Ticket #2423 (After installing Dextrose 1, cannot boot) closed by smparrish
incomplete: No response for 2 weeks. Closing for now. Please feel free to reopen if …
06:11 Ticket #2482 (no palette for Journal list view entries, broken details view) created by sascha_silbe
Sometimes the Palette for Journal list view entries doesn't appear and the …
05:50 Ticket #2453 (Multiple numbers appended to make filenames unique on removable devices.) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: Dupe of #2060.


17:08 Ticket #2481 (Browse should give an indication that a download is in progress) created by greenfeld
Browse should give an indication that a file download initiated from …


23:40 Ticket #2471 (No way to set RLIMIT_NPROC for apache) closed by bernie
fixed: I guess this fixed the issue.
14:28 Ticket #2480 (Journal file actions need progress/busy indication) created by greenfeld
I tried copying a large (200 MB+) file in Sugar's journal from a USB stick …


14:32 Ticket #2479 (Make write pep8 complaint) created by godiard
04:30 Ticket #2478 (Buttons unresponsive when launching Sugar until Journal appears on Home ...) created by wronkiew
See Comment 4 below. I downloaded soas-i386-20101025.05.iso and burned it …
04:28 Ticket #2477 (Connection errors for activity downloads in the web browser) created by wronkiew
Maybe I just have something misconfigured here. I've set up a Mirabelle …
04:28 Ticket #2476 (Latvian (lv) language) created by deivs001
Hi, my name is Dāvids, email - davidskuma@…, Pootle username - …


18:31 Ticket #2164 (Downgrading activities not allowed) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/sugar/repos/mainline/commits/c63b43ccee18
18:31 Ticket #2475 (Integrate Python code block with Turtle Art) created by tonyforster
At the moment a project is split between two files, a *.ta and a *.py, two …
05:00 Ticket #2394 (Terminal issues in F14) closed by erikos
fixed: Has been fixed in [https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=631589#c19
04:58 Ticket #2419 (Write font sizeis _extremely_ small on F14 0.90 test builds) closed by erikos
fixed: Fixed in Write-72.
04:57 Ticket #1121 (Write canvas redraw glitch when locking open a secondary toolbar) closed by erikos
fixed: In version 72.


19:11 Ticket #2256 (Accessibility) closed by smparrish
19:10 Ticket #2249 (Gnome theme music can't play full speed) closed by smparrish
fixed: This has been fixed in os3dx2 which will be available for download shortly …
19:03 Ticket #328 (no feedback when you Start a journal entry that no activity can open) reopened by smparrish
I have applied this patch to Dextrose and it does indeed fix the issue …
09:59 Ticket #2474 (Tracker for old Bridge tickets reported on dev.laptop.org) created by garycmartin
Just wanted to add a Sugar Labs ticket as a tracker for some old …
09:34 Ticket #2473 (transfer entire data store entry, including arbitrary metadata) created by sascha_silbe
The file transfer feature looses all metadata but a few special properties …
09:03 Ticket #2472 (copy-to-journal cannot set activity_id and other metadata) created by sascha_silbe
Not all activities use a custom MIME type, so they can only resume entries …


16:09 Ticket #2471 (No way to set RLIMIT_NPROC for apache) created by alsroot
At some point, sunjammer apache started failing to start with errors like: …
15:37 Ticket #2470 (Request trac component for Bridge activity) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: I've added the Bridge component with you as the owner. You can link to …
09:26 Ticket #2470 (Request trac component for Bridge activity) created by garycmartin
Hi, just requesting a track component for the Bridge activity, tickets can …


17:05 Ticket #1976 (School server registration works differently on XO) reopened by martin.langhoff
12:38 Ticket #1558 (In Write Activity toolbar, there is a "Search" string not available for ...) closed by godiard
fixed: The version 71 have this text translated, the version version 63 does mot …


20:09 Ticket #2469 (Physics causes crash in F14 TC5 sugar on exit) created by satellit
Physics causes crash on exit in F14 TC5 netinstall to HD with …
13:21 Ticket #2463 (PAINT: implement mirroring) closed by godiard
11:55 Ticket #2468 (Add Read SD Comics Activity to Pootle) created by jdsimmons
The Read SD Comics Activity needs to be translated. I have generated a …
11:54 Ticket #2467 (Add Sugar Commander Activity to Pootle) created by jdsimmons
The Sugar Commander Activity needs to be translated. I have generated a …
11:52 Ticket #1510 (Download button confused with search history drop-down control) closed by jdsimmons
11:50 Ticket #1972 (default toolbar should be set to book/read) closed by jdsimmons
11:50 Ticket #1989 (SugarCommander fails to start if journal is empty) closed by jdsimmons
10:40 Ticket #2466 (Calculate does not always return an error for incorrect plot statements) created by greenfeld
Calculate does not always return an error for incorrect plot statements. …
09:54 Ticket #2465 (Mirabelle not recognizing wireless cards on Asus EEE PC 701SD) created by drrckbyers
I have 6 Asus Eee PC 701SDs and none have wireless connectivity with …


09:33 Ticket #2464 (Paint-28 does not launch) created by garycmartin
As discussed a while back on IRC, the Paint-28 bundle as installed from …
08:01 Ticket #2463 (PAINT: implement mirroring) created by godiard
Paint must have a mirror horizontal and vertical tool. Must operate over …


14:12 Ticket #2001 (Write does not pass parent window xid to ObjectChooser) closed by godiard
fixed: Commited change with correction proposed from Tomeu
13:04 Ticket #328 (no feedback when you Start a journal entry that no activity can open) closed by alsroot
fixed: sugar-devel@ patch commited …
12:54 Ticket #1697 (Error during phase build of python-xklavier) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: Dupe of #1942.
12:52 Ticket #1697 (Error during phase build of python-xklavier) reopened by nikhilmitra
here's the part of log when I encountered the error, […]
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