16:23 Ticket #1637 (Content disappears after hovering over Toolbar) created by sdz
http://sdz.fedorapeople.org/screenshot.png has the screenshot and …


11:54 Ticket #1636 (Journal Entry storage / sharing via USB stick doesn't work) created by martin.langhoff
Tested on OLPC F11 builds... -- this is also known as …


17:06 Ticket #1635 (admin permissions) created by uwieske
LS I am continuing the translation for the language papiamento (pap). Can …


01:47 Ticket #1634 (Remove wiki pages (permanent task)) reopened by alsroot
I've reopened ticket to not create new one. Next links to delete: …


13:48 Ticket #1634 (Remove wiki pages (permanent task)) closed by dfarning
fixed: Done
11:04 Ticket #1634 (Remove wiki pages (permanent task)) created by alsroot
Please, remove these pages …
10:24 Ticket #1000 (Speak Eyes should track pointer in Toolbar area) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/speak/repos/mainline/commits/16ce908f8277
10:21 Ticket #1103 (Speak - usability issues) closed by alsroot
notabug: Replying to Jose Icaza: > 1 The activity in Spanish is named …
09:47 Ticket #1535 (Speak-11 cannot allocate memory) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/speak/repos/mainline/commits/7da9a5da43db


09:43 Ticket #1607 (set activity font settings earlier) closed by dsd


15:01 Ticket #1633 (Numeric and text input fails on Turtle Art v81 under Debian 5.0) created by roberto
i launch sugar, then TA and then i plug-in a forward block which comes …
09:39 Ticket #1632 (Return correct download url in update-aslo.php for non public activities) created by alsroot


06:36 Ticket #1631 (Typingturtle: Pootle commit error) created by carlo
Error [GIT] pull failed (['git', '--git-dir', …
06:32 Ticket #1619 (Implode - add to Pootle) reopened by carlo
I dont see the commit option in pootle ()i've commit rights for Honey) …


11:37 Ticket #1630 (Support for mobile broadband provider database) created by aa
The NetworkManager project provides an …


09:00 Ticket #1497 (Name input screen should be deactivable) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/sugar/repos/mainline/commits/6385b552c833
08:47 Ticket #1629 (Please add Kandid to Pootle.) created by Nostalghia
Please add Kandid to Pootle. http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/kandid
08:26 Ticket #1452 (Create temporary files for DS in ~/.sugar) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/sugar/repos/mainline/commits/6385b552c833
08:18 Ticket #573 (copy-to-journal dbus error) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/sugar-datastore/repos/mainline/commits/71
08:09 Ticket #1550 (file descriptor leak in filestore.retrieve()) closed by alsroot
fixed: sucrose-0.84 …
07:42 Ticket #1437 (add and use type information for Xapian value-stored properties) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/sugar-datastore/repos/mainline/commits/f3
07:41 Ticket #1342 (range queries use lexical comparison, not numerical) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/sugar-datastore/repos/mainline/commits/0e


13:31 Ticket #1628 (Some functions not created in the generation of python-xklavier) created by Cilyan
I get this during the compilation of python-xklavier. libxklavier is 4.0, …
13:24 Ticket #1627 (Sugar crashes on "Keyboard" in My Settings panel) created by Cilyan
I use sugar from an empty session launching /usr/bin/sugar in .xinitrc. It …


11:21 Ticket #1626 (Boot Helper needs selinux=0) created by jdsimmons
I have tried to boot SoaS Blueberry on a number of older machines that I …
11:06 Ticket #1625 (new trac component for distance activity) created by RafaelOrtiz
affects http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1621


21:12 Ticket #1624 (gsm-client goes to infinite loop) created by alsroot
was reported by antoni on #sugar in unreproducible case, sugar falls to …
13:13 Ticket #1623 (Sugar should refuse to run as root user) created by mchua
Running Sugar as the root user can disable access to Sugar for all …
11:28 Ticket #1075 (Since the Sugar switch to Metacity, Sugar shell specific key shortcuts all ...) closed by tomeu
fixed: Thanks, pushed as …
09:32 Ticket #1598 (adding Visual Match POT to pootle) closed by sayamindu
fixed: Done.
09:03 Ticket #1619 (Implode - add to Pootle) closed by sayamindu
fixed: Done.
08:55 Ticket #1023 (Add Activity Get Internet Archive Books to Pootle) closed by sayamindu
fixed: Done.
08:55 Ticket #1144 (Add Clock to Pootle [was .es translation error]) closed by sayamindu
fixed: Done.


13:03 Ticket #1597 (new component request for Visual Match) closed by tomeu
fixed: Done
12:49 Ticket #1614 (Please create a trac component for my new activity.) closed by tomeu
fixed: Done, enjoy!
11:43 Ticket #1622 (3G (GSM) Modem Support) created by tch
Since Paraguay and Uruguay (and others) deployments has been asking for 3G …


21:11 Ticket #1621 (Distance activity doesn't work with en_SZ.UTF-8 locale) created by RafaelOrtiz
from http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/9888
11:29 Ticket #1620 (IRC - internationalization needed) created by cjl
IRC has granted commit to user:pootle but some steps are still needed by …
11:23 Ticket #1619 (Implode - add to Pootle) created by cjl
Implode has po directory and pot file set up, pootle has commit privs. …
10:32 Ticket #1618 (Analyze activity - internationalization) created by cjl
Although it is quite simple, the user interface for Analyze should still …
10:27 Ticket #1617 (Maze Activity - internationalization needed) created by cjl
The Maze git repo should be slightly restructured so the activity is at …
09:08 Ticket #1616 (Error during phase build of metacity) created by jvalenzani
Throws this error when building under Ububtu 9.04 (Jaunty). core/main.c: …


17:24 Ticket #1615 (Add a button in Physics Activity to clear off the whole screen at once) created by mchua
(Dictated by Audrey Kim, age 6) Is there a button to clear off the whole …
15:16 Ticket #1614 (Please create a trac component for my new activity.) created by Nostalghia
Please create trac component named Kandid for my new activity. For more …


08:01 Ticket #835 (Soas-20090503 with helper cd, no wireless on Macbook) closed by daveb
wontfix: You can use the broadcom driver in RPMfusion which is free. This depends …
07:13 Ticket #1613 (sound brick only sounds once inside a template) created by tomeu
will attach example


22:19 Ticket #1612 (Bridge 2 doesn't quit) created by RafaelOrtiz
filled at http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/9812 please go there to see the …
21:56 Ticket #1039 (Pls add karma.pot to pootle) closed by BryanWB
invalid: Most of the strings in Karma are in the markup and not the code. I need to …


17:36 Ticket #1611 (Translation hookup needed for several activities) created by bemasc
Watch Me: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/watch-me/repos/mainline


10:46 Ticket #1610 (Alternative to Create a new wireless network.) created by reuben
Restore "Mesh Network" Icons in Neighborhood view to ease creation of …
09:11 Ticket #1058 (Pippy module not in correct path) closed by dsd
fixed: F11 fixed as well, F12 was already working, so I think we can close this …


16:09 Ticket #1609 (sugar.datastore.datastore.find(): async mode broken) created by sascha_silbe
sugar.datastore.datastore.find() leads the API consumer into …
15:09 Ticket #1608 (no wireless disconnect functionality) created by dsd
Originally reported at http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/9788 The menu items …
14:20 Ticket #667 (Norwegian translation of Turtle Art) closed by cjl
fixed: Any strings that could be transferred have been transferred. Further work …
12:31 Ticket #1607 (set activity font settings earlier) created by dsd
We have spotted that my recent patch to make Activity.init set font …
08:54 Ticket #1602 (can't connect to WEP shared key networks) closed by dsd


14:21 Ticket #1606 (XOs should be able to share software via USB and CD/DVD) created by grantbow
This is bug #1 for Toaster
01:13 Ticket #1605 (Calculate.POT out of sync with source) created by korakurider
There are missing phrases that are marked as translatable in source. …


12:34 Ticket #1604 (can't create ad-hoc network when name is 7+ characters) created by dsd
The SSID limit is 32 bytes. Adding the colour information as ascii takes …


14:26 Ticket #1603 (sugar should advertise it's file transfer capabilities) created by tomeu
This will be required in platforms with telepathy-gabble 0.9. […]


11:58 Ticket #1602 (can't connect to WEP shared key networks) created by dsd
Sugar's model.network is only communicating the need for shared key …
06:53 Ticket #1601 (intro screen doesn't unfreeze dcon) closed by dsd
fixed: pushed
06:30 Ticket #1601 (intro screen doesn't unfreeze dcon) created by dsd
On first boot when Sugar shows the intro screen, the dcon is not unfrozen. …


23:57 Ticket #1600 (Marking strings as "not to be translated" and so forth) created by sankarshan
In Pootle it is a bit difficult to assess which strings are keywords and …
23:56 Ticket #1599 (Enabling the testing of translations/localization by making available ...) created by sankarshan
I looked into the wiki but could not find the link or, script that would …
18:23 Ticket #1598 (adding Visual Match POT to pootle) created by walter
Please add the Visual Match POT to pootle. See …
18:21 Ticket #1597 (new component request for Visual Match) created by walter
Please add a trac component for Visual Match
17:20 Ticket #838 (Put Scratch on a.sl.o) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: fixed homepage: http://activities.sugarlabs.org/addon/4249 xo: …
12:02 Ticket #1584 (font configuration through gconf) closed by dsd
fixed: committed and http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/Font_configuration
07:32 Ticket #1596 (drag-and-drop file causes screen flicker) created by dsd
Using sugar-jhbuild on Fedora, also reproduced on Sugar-0.84: dragging and …
04:38 Ticket #1244 (Record 64 does not record sound) closed by mavrothal


20:00 Ticket #1576 (Kaleidoscope, Breakout, StackAttack crash on relaunch in Sugar 0.84.7 ...) closed by bert
fixed: Fixed in etoys-4.0.2339.
16:20 Ticket #1595 (Read 69 fails to scroll in Epub books) created by mavrothal
Read 96 under f11-xo1/os10/Sugar 0.84.7 on the XO fails to scroll with the …
16:13 Ticket #1594 (Update1 fails in XO-/Sugar 0.84.7) created by mavrothal
Update 1 loads finds the installed activities but never downloads or …
16:05 Ticket #1593 (Typing double quotes in Write 63 makes cursor disappear) created by mavrothal
In the XO-1 running f11-xo1/os9 or 10/Sugar 0.84.7 Typing double quotes …
12:34 Ticket #1417 (GCompris activities don't work with 0.86 Metacity changes) closed by alsroot
fixed: fixed in last GCompris versions
09:38 Ticket #1592 (NEW FEATURE: enhanced color selector) created by walter
This is an enhancement to the color selector used in the About Me control …
07:21 Ticket #1542 (New Trac Component: Toaster) closed by tomeu
fixed: Done, sorry about the delay, feel free to ping me in #sugar when you need …
06:03 Ticket #1591 (Make keep value retrieval in Journal more robust) created by sayamindu
The keep value retrieval code in the journal expects the data to be int, …
05:59 Ticket #1590 (Make timestamp retrieval in Journal more robust) created by sayamindu
The timestamp retrieval code in the journal expects the data to be int, …


17:42 Ticket #1589 (Clock 5 does not speak in F11- XO1/os9 Sugar 0.84.7) created by mavrothal
In XO-1 running F11-XO1/os9 with Sugar 0.84.7 the clock 5 activity runs OK …
17:38 Ticket #1588 (XO Help fails in XO-1 running F11-XO1/os9 with Sugar 0.84.7) created by mavrothal
In XO-1 running F11-XO1/os9 with Sugar 0.84.7 the XOHelp 1 activity does …
17:30 Ticket #1125 (Font size in Journal/Home/Pippy) closed by mavrothal
fixed: This is fixed in newer builds os7+
16:38 Ticket #1587 (hippo-canvas: FTBFS on Fedora 12) created by sascha_silbe
Since hippo-canvas doesn't have a component in Trac yet (if you tell me …
14:18 Ticket #1579 (Finance 2 keep error in F11-XO1/os9 Sugar 0.84.7) closed by wadeb
fixed: Fixed, see Finance v3 at …
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